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How do you Meet change when it arrives at your door?

Abide, Trust, Honor

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Buddhism teaches us that change is a fundamental truth of the healing process. As a therapist I love to support people negotiating change and life transitions. Change is undoubtedly hard, and anxiety, depression and grief often accompany it. Fortunately, so does new growth.


I specialize in attachment and relationships and believe they are the foundation of our ability to heal. I support people through separation and divorce, perinatal and postpartum adjustment, parenting and co-parenting, family conflict, grief and loss, trauma and racial identity development.


As we heal our relationship with self, we show up more fully in relationship with othersI use an integrative approach that weaves together Mindfulness, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (somatic), Attachment and Relational Therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Expressive Arts practices. I work with diverse populations, and continue to lean into anti-racist, LGBTQ+, and sex positive affirmative practices.

Change often feels vulnerable and leaning in can feel like a risk. Making space to feel and share how you are feeling is the first courageous step towards growing. This is a space in which I honor your process. Together we will make room for and clarify what is getting in your way and help you feel resourced and empowered to move towards healing.


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 



You are on the cusp of an ending and a beginning, and experiencing a spectrum of feelings and emotions as your transition unfolds. Perhaps you are navigating parenthood, leaving a marriage, moving or relocating, starting a new business, or grieving something beloved. You feel both fierce and vulnerable, it is stressful and honestly, you’d rather find a way around the discomfort. But Wisdom tells you to LEAN IN and set your course forward, but how?

You need a life doula, who provides unconditional, nonjudgemental and compassionate support. TRANSITIONS ARE HARD to navigate alone, so you need a mentor who has experienced and felt what you are going through. Someone who has also surrendered to the powerful lessons that accompany change, and has thrived.  Having a coach who has walked this path before, INSPIRES HOPE that navigating this transition will have a profound impact on the rest of your life.


Change can feel risky, especially when we find ourselves at our growing edge. We are all really good at distracting ourselves and hiding from our pain and suffering, even our joy. This ultimately effects the quality and depth of our relationship with our inner most heart and spirit. It’s really hard to nurture and nourish our relationship to self. In fact, I would argue, MOST OF US DON'T LEARN HOW to. Believe me, I know, it’s taken work and continuous practice to get where I am today but it doesn’t have to be such a tenuous process for you. Let me help you make your path towards transformation more clear and defined, and save you the headache by sharing with you the gems I’ve found along the way.  


Is life calling you to change or is a transition approaching on the horizon? Do you feel a mix of anxious, excited, nervous, scared, doubtful, curious or determined? Even though you’re already doing so much, do you know somewhere inside that this process could be more profound and transformational? With the right support there is a way for you to deepen your relationship to yourself and live more aligned with your values. What would it look like to MAKE SPACE FOR THAT WHICH IS MOST FREE AND WILD within you? How would it feel to have someone support you in accessing and celebrating this moment of your life? 


As a woman, a mother, and a masters level counselor, I know that WE ALL NEED CONNECTION and heart centered support to thrive. We need a fierce and trusted confidant by our side who will hold up a mirror and reflect back our truest intentions and deepest commitments. You will meet with me one to one over six months for a custom meta process that will guide you through this period of change and equip you with important knowledge, insights, skills and rituals to prepare you for transitions ahead. 



what must change?


- Adrienne Rich


Hopewell, NJ 08525

Tel: 609 - 429 - 0489

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